Will luxury watches be magnetized in the watch safe?

September 18, 2020 4 min read

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Most of the current safes are electronic locks. Some people worry about whether the watch will be magnetized if it is left in it for a long time. Regarding the issue of watch magnetism, because no one would try to experiment with their own watch, it is easy to take a magnet to try. I have some experience because I keep my watch in the safe/safe drawer. Let me start with the conclusion:
Will not be magnetized, but pay attention to magnets.
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I don’t know how you usually store your watches. I usually put my watches in the watch safe in the closet. The watch safe has an electronic lock and fingerprint recognition. The electronic lock puts the battery, there is a motor in it, press the fingerprint, the drawer will automatically pop up, it is a small watch safe. I have used this watch safe for a long time, and I am still using it. The watch has been stored in it for many years without any problems. From my personal situation, this kind of electronic lock has no effect on the watch and will not subject the watch to magnetism.

Until one day, I felt that the number of watches was a little too large and the space of the watch safe was not enough, so I decided to buy another safe to store the watch.

The current watch safes generally use fingerprints and passwords, which can be unlocked with a single fingerprint, a single password, or a fingerprint and a password at the same time. At the same time, it is very heavy and difficult to move. I think it is safer than the original watch safe. But after I bought it, I encountered a new problem. After I put all the watches in the watch safe, I found that the small plastic door with the panel/battery box inside the watch safe was a small door that opened and closed with magnets. There is a coin-sized magnet on the small plastic door, which means that the watch in the safe is kept with the magnet every day. I took a spoon for a try. The magnetic force was so strong that it sucked the spoon very tightly. I was afraid that the watch would be magnetized, so I quickly removed the small plastic door.

After two days, I suddenly thought, would there be magnetism in the safe? I took an iron spoon and checked it in the safe. As a result, the spoon was attracted by the magnet again. This time it was discovered that the small plastic door was in the same position as before, and there was a magnet inside, and the magnetic force was also very large. The small door must be opened and closed with two magnets inside and outside, but this magnet cannot be removed. I was worried that the watch would be magnetized, so I put the watch back in the small watch safe before. Before putting it back, I also tried it with an iron spoon. The electronic lock of the small watch safe has no suction, indicating that it is not magnetic.

Since the watch and magnet are kept together for many days, in order to check whether the watch is magnetized, I took a watch to the official after-sales test. After the test, there is no magnetism. I asked the clerk, after the watch store closes every day, the watch will be taken out of the counter and put in the safe. Will the watch be magnetized? The clerk said that the safes in the store are all mechanically locked watch safes, not electronic locks.

After this incident, I have a few thoughts.

The current mainstream famous watches have a certain degree of antimagnetic ability. For example, the Omega Master Observatory has 15,000 Gauss antimagnetic. Rolex blue niobium hairspring emphasizes anti-magnetic ability. Some watches use a silicon balance spring, which emphasizes that it will not be magnetized. In addition to these, mainstream watches of various brands generally use Nivarox hairspring, which is an iron-nickel alloy hairspring with chromium and cobalt added. Nivarox hairspring also has good antimagnetic ability. In daily life environment, it will not be easily affected by magnetism. I have seen people doing experiments before, using an ordinary Longines watch, attracting various magnets, and experimenting with various household appliances. In the end, this Longines was not magnetized. Longines uses Nivarox hairspring, which shows that daily antimagnetic is possible.

If the watch is so susceptible to magnetism, if there are two magnets in my safe, then the watch in the cabinet should be "scrapped". Since there is still a magnet in my safe that cannot be removed, for the sake of safety, I will put other valuables in this safe.

Now, my watch continues to be stored in the fingerprint electronic lock watch safe. For electronic locks, my experience shows that there is no problem with putting luxury watches inside. At the same time, we can see that there are some watch safes on the market now with turntables, fingerprint locks, and password locks, indicating that there are many electronic devices in them, but there is no problem storing luxury watches. If you are really worried, you can buy a watch safe with a mechanical lock like a luxury watch store.

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