What is Watch Winder? Why do I need a watch winder?

March 07, 2020 3 min read

What is Watch Winder? Why do I need a watch winder?

What is Watch Winder?

A watch winder is a device that automatically keeps the watch running when it is not in use. Of course, it can only be used for mechanical watches, not for electronic watches.

The principle of the automatic watch winder is to simulate the use of humans, rotate a certain number of turns at a certain time, and use the dynamic weight in the watch to send it. article. Because when a human wears a watch, the watch will swing or rotate with the arm and rotate the winding device inside the watch. Therefore, if the watch is not in use, then you cannot gain power and wind up in this way.

Almost all mechanical watches can be wound manually, but if you have more watches and some watches are not used for a long time, it will stop. Therefore, the automatic watch winder was invented.

Do watch winders damage watches?
Placing the watch on the winder will not damage your watch. Mechanical watches are durable and designed to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Therefore, putting it on the winding machine is the same as you use it every day. And the watch on the watch winder is kept clean and dry, so for any good mechanical watch, there is no problem using the winder.

Do I need a watch winder?
If you own multiple luxury mechanical watches, a watch winder may be a good choice for you. One of the biggest benefits of watch winders is that it keeps your watch running on time. The time/date function keeps running normally, so you don't need to set it when you use it again.

How do I choose a watch winder?
There are many winding machines on the market, from less than $ 100 to several thousand dollars. Some of them use the same material as the jewelry box, made of the highest quality hardwood and covered with leather or lacquer. They are very luxurious and beautiful. They can be used as your watch display stand. In your office or home.

The clockwork needs to be connected to a power source, which is very complicated and costly. Of course, different price watch can choose different price winder, it depends on your wallet

If you are a watch collection enthusiast or a watch seller with many watches, you need to choose a winder with a large number of clocks, so as not to be insufficient

The function of the watch winder
It is important to note that you should buy a clockwork that can be rotated clockwise and counterclockwise. Each watch winder usually has an operation button that can switch between different rotation modes.

It is very important to buy a clockwork that can rotate in both directions because changing the direction of the watch's pendulum can equalize the wear in both directions. Rotating in one direction will make the time of the watch less accurate. Different types of watches need different settings. Number of turns and interval

Who should buy a watch winder?
You have 2 or more watches, or watch collectors, or watch sellers, you will need this

If your watch is very expensive, it is recommended that you buy a watch winder safe, which can protect the safety of the watch while winding the watch.

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