The world's top luxury insurance room, refuge room 2 in 1

October 17, 2020 2 min read

The world's top luxury insurance room, refuge room 2 in 1

The secret room safe from Agresti, Italy, is actually a solid and secret room with a sense of luxury and modernity, integrating high technology and safety.



The safe can be installed in any building, covering an area of about 12 square meters, but the size and material can be selected as required. The steel wall provides all-round protection, has strong sound insulation, and is tightly sealed to prevent gas attacks.



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The leather bulletproof door has an elegant line, which is opened by a biometric fingerprint system and can be controlled by different family members. Once the owner encounters an oppressive threat, he can enter different fingerprints to silently activate the security alarm.


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The interior of the space is luxurious and functional. The exquisite storage space can be used to store any valuables such as watches, jewelry, cash, guns and ammunition or store daily luxury items.

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The light will automatically activate when the door is opened, closed or an alarm is set. The alarm system is equipped with a pressure-resistant dynamic sensor. Any shock sensation caused by external vibration or breakthrough will be received by the sensor and an alarm signal will be issued.


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If criminals enter the room and rob, all it takes is a simple button, and this space becomes a "chamber of trembling": technically it is a safe space, separated from the rest of the building. Dedicated pipes and wires ensure the connection of unlimited mobile devices, so that you can immediately seek help from the outside world.


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At the same time, CCTV will record everything that happens in the building and send the images to the Internet. You can also activate the paprika diffuser to resist intruders. If there is a power failure, the powerful uninterruptible power supply will continue to supply power



The secret room can protect you, your family and your belongings. While waiting for rescue, the secret room and refrigerator can provide food and drinks.

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