How to match the watch better?

October 28, 2020 2 min read

How to match the watch better?

We often say that everyone has his temper, and the same is true for watches.

As early as the beginning of the design, the style of the watch has been qualitative, different watches with different clothing, giving people different feelings.

The new year is approaching, choose a watch that is similar to your own style to show your new temperament.

Men's Watch Guide


Gentlemen are more dignified, generous, and decent in dress, the most common is suit. This group of people is more suitable for designing simple and delicate watches.
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Casual style

Leisure pays more attention to casual, more emphasis on the coexistence of fashion and charm. The overall match emphasizes the sense of line and the whole, and the texture is the most considered element. Such people are more suitable for designing bold and cool watches.
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The literary style clothing gives people a comfortable, natural and student's sense of sight, the color purity is low, simple and generous. Generally speaking, art is equivalent to small and fresh, and the clothes are mainly minimalist and retro. Such people are more suitable for simple watches.

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Women's Watch Guide

Western style

European and American style clothing attaches great importance to the sense of design and matching, and advocates simplicity, atmosphere, and casualness. European and American style dresses are more compatible with simple watches.

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Lady-style clothing is full of elements such as lace, prints, embroidery, folds and bows, and elegance and pleasantness are the biggest features of this style. Such a lady, of course, must match an elegant watch.

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Korean style

Korean style clothes have two main characteristics: single color, simple color matching; high waist and exposed legs. Therefore, Korean-style clothing needs accessories to highlight the entire look, and a simple and fashionable watch can highlight youthful vitality.

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