How to choose a safe? Points you must know!

October 24, 2020 4 min read

How to choose a safe? Points you must know!

      With the improvement of people's living standards and safety awareness, the social demand for home safes has surged. From the storage of soft materials such as CDs, materials, real estate certificates, valuable securities, bank deposit receipts, to the physical storage of watches, cameras, computer notebooks, cultural relics, gold and silver jewelry, the scope of safe storage is more extensive and diverse .

       Therefore, many home decorations usually consider configuring a safe, or even configure multiple safes according to different application environments, home safes have become the new favorite of the home improvement industry.
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    At present, there are many safe brands on the market, and the quality is uneven. Not only can you see safes in the home market, building materials market, decoration material market, stationery market, etc., but also safes have appeared in supermarkets, and some Large shopping malls, specialty stores, etc.

    However, safes are still a relatively unpopular industry and are not very popular. Therefore, the brand of safes is not familiar to everyone. The price of safes of the same size may be several times different. This will inevitably make consumers feel troubled when buying safes. It also provides space for some irresponsible businesses to drill camp, so how to choose a home safe? Let me tell you!

   1. Look at the use environment
  The purchase of a safe should be considered in the house decoration and design stage. According to the location of the safe, you can consider buying different safes. Generally, there are three places where home safes are placed:
  1.1, hidden places such as closets or bedside tables.
  1.2, fixed on the wall or buried in the wall.
  1.3, put it directly on the shelf or cabinet.
1.4. Hidden locations such as basement or attic

  2, look at the size
   Before buying, first determine the location to use, and then buy the safe according to the size of the location. The choice of size mainly considers two aspects:
        2.1. The maximum size of the stored items must be able to fit inside;
        2.2. To meet the requirements of the safe installation location, it should be based on the actual size of the reserved location.
        2.3. There is another problem: the load-bearing capacity of the safe position, especially when it is placed on a shelf or cabinet, if the load-bearing capacity is not enough, it needs to be reinforced in advance to prevent the cabinet frame from deforming and breaking due to long-term load-bearing.
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3. Look at the performance of anti-theft, fire prevention and other products
   Safes mainly have functions such as anti-theft, fireproof, anti-magnetic, and waterproof. However, more than 90% of the safes sold in the market are anti-theft safes. Safes with functions such as fireproof and anti-magnetic are just emerging in the market.
  3.1. Thickness of steel plate: The thicker the steel plate, the less likely it is to pry and deform, and it is not easy to be cut and drilled by tools.
   3.2. The gap between the door gap: the smaller the gap, the more difficult it is to pry open from the door gap with tools
  3.3. The number of lock bolts: both sides of the door must be equipped with lock bolts, preferably on all sides, the more the number, the more difficult it is to open
        3.4. Security level of locks: locks should be equipped with high-security locks. At the same time, fingerprint or electronic code locks should be equipped with key locks or mechanical code locks. It is safer to use multiple locks
        3.5. Weight: The heavier the safe is, the safer it is, but it has a certain weight to prevent thieves from moving away with the safe
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  4. The security level, quantity and type of locks, etc.
  The locks should be equipped with high security level locks. At the same time, fingerprint or electronic code locks should be equipped with key locks or mechanical code locks. It is safer to use multiple locks

   5. Look at the product cost performance
  It is not the price but the value that determines the cost-effectiveness of a safe. The key is the brand. A good brand already comes with high-quality products and good service. Of course, using the comparison method is also a way to compare the product performance of other brands with products that you are relatively satisfied with, and at the same time find out the price difference between brands to measure. However, it is more reasonable to choose a product with a high degree of security when the price is not much different.

    Of course, there are many other factors to consider when choosing a safe, such as appearance, brand, color, requirements for anti-theft level, etc. As long as consumers compare more, they will be able to find a safe that suits them. The management of family property is worry-free!

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