How to choose a watch safe?

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How to choose a watch safe?

    With the progress of society, a watch is no longer just a timing tool, it has become an accessory, but also a status symbol of some rich

    For some people, different social occasions and different clothing combinations require different watches, so people will buy and collect some watches to meet their needs and hobbies

How do I choose a watch safe?

    This also brings some problems, such as safety and maintenance, especially for luxury watches such as Rolex, Omega, Patek Philippe, what kind of watch safe should I choose to store them?

1. Anti-theft:For your luxury watch, safety is the first, so we need to choose the watch safe with the best security measures, such as using thick steel plates, anti-drilling, anti-cutting, and other special materials, using 2 The above locks ensure that the safe will not be opened by thieves before the alarm comes out and the police arrive

2. Weight:You should choose a very heavy safe, do not feel troublesome to install, because the small safe, thieves can move the safe

3. With watch winder:For luxury watches, if they are not used for a long time, they will stop walking, and multiple stops will cause the watch time to be less accurate, so if the watch safe has a watch winder, it is safe. At the same time, it also provides 7 * 24 hours of maintenance for the watch

4. Decorative materials:It is best to use soft materials such as leather and solid wood for interior decoration, rather than metal because you will inevitably have some collisions when using the watch safe. Leather and solid wood will not harm your watch.

5. Space: In addition to watches, watch safe should have enough space to store jewelry, cash, materials, and other valuables, to achieve a safe for multiple purposes

6. Appearance:This is not the most important, but it also needs to be noted that the color and style are similar to your decoration style and will not appear particularly prominentWatch safe for sale

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