The 4 most beautiful luxury watch safes in the world!

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The 4 most beautiful luxury watch safes in the world!

    A good luxury safe can not only protect your valuables such as watches, jewellery, cash, etc., but more importantly, bring safety and peace of mind, so that you don’t have to worry about the preciousness of your home when you are away. The safety of items, and some luxury safes have very good design and processing level. They are also a beautiful decoration at home. Below, let's look at some very luxurious and beautiful luxury watch safes:

1、Chronos Safe: Has ballistic missile armor

    The high-precision security system is the style of the Chronos brand. Although there are many new types of protection methods, Chronos has ballistic missile armor, four-way solid titanium locking bolts, tungsten carbide hard plates, locking bolts to resist driving, active and passive re-locking, interlocking anti-pry doors, High-tech density combined cladding, reinforced anchor rods, alarm system integration, and global positioning system early warning and tracking system, which are not all safety protection systems can have. From the technologically advanced features such as fingerprint input and automatic rotation of the watch, to innovative designs such as automatic locking drawers and a frictionless door, everything reflects the ultimate function of Chronos-indestructible.Watch Safe Boxes

2、Dottling safe: refer to Mercedes-Benz design style

Dottling is Germany's top luxury safe brand. It has introduced classic safes such as Bel-Air and Colosimo. The designer also designed it with reference to Mercedes-Benz's classic 300 SL model and launched a new watch safe, the Colosimo Double Wing Watch case. The appearance of Colosimo DoubleWing is just like its name. After opening, it looks like two silver metal wings. The inside of each safe can hold three watches. There is also a clock in the center of the safe, which is exquisite and beautiful. In terms of security, ColosimoDoubleWing has a three-digit personal password system, and the two built-in engines each can run for 3 watch safeluxury watch winder safeluxury watch safes

3、Jaeger-LeCoultre Safe: Use gorgeous leather and unique suede

The Rare Jaeger-LeCoultre watch "Duometer à Grande Sonnerie" has a special safe watch, which is treated with gorgeous leather and unique suede. The material comes from top German manufacturers. It has a total weight of about 1 ton and a width of 1 meter. The storage space with a height of 1.5 meters and a height of 1.5 meters protects this luxurious and precious watch set from damage. Jaeger-LeCoultre uses its professional technology and sound knowledge to embed a system, even if the watch is in a safe, the rhythm can be heard . In such an exquisite and complicated display method, the most advanced safety design is hidden, which meets all insurance requirements. Three winding mechanisms ensure that the watch operates normally when not worn, and the automatic movement is equipped with many winding mechanisms, and Equipped with compartments for watches, jewellery, and instructions for use. This is the most advanced and elegant safety device, which fully guarantees the safety of the built-in Jaeger-LeCoultre three collection watches.

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4、Time Treasure Box Safe: Won the praise of discerning people

Since 2008, Buben&Zorweg has focused on safety issues and launched its first safe product, which not only meets all customers’ expectations for safety, but also has a unique design and elegant spatial layout. Every interior component shines brightly. Magnum went through a long discussion and improvement process from the initial idea to the first product launch. After several discussions, abandonment and perfection of the sketches, while seeking innovative solutions, no details that can be carved were missed, finally creating a unique Magnum. When its prototype was unveiled at the annual Basel International Jewelry and Watch Fair, it enjoyed countless critical eyes and admiration.

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