Do you know the golden "9" rule of men buying watches?

October 23, 2020 3 min read

Do you know the golden

01. You should have a "durable" watch;

WatchesDurable: commendatory, refers to the high quality, will not easily break, while designing classic watches. Its price depends on your budget, ranging from $10 to $10,000. With it, you can work at home, travel outdoors, or play with your children.
It has to meet two requirements. On the one hand, it should match your style. On the other hand, you don’t feel bad about it even if it is broken. It can be used as a sports watch, it is also a "tool watch."


02. Changing the strap can make an old watch rejuvenate;

men watchWhen an old watch is replaced with a new strap, no one can recognize it. You can try to change different styles of straps. But if you are not sure how to change the strap, it is best to find a professional.


03. If possible, the watch winder or watch winder safe  can be considered;

watch winder

Watch winder safe boxIf you have a lot of watches in your collection, don't waste time checking the time one by one. Buy a watch winder or watch winder safe, so that whenever you need to wear a watch, they are accurate.


04. Soap and warm water are enough to clean the watch.

clean the watchDon't make it so difficult to clean the watch. Just use soap and warm water (not hot water!). Certain detergents and extremely hot water can cause damage to your watch.


05. The strap is slightly looser to extend the life of the belt;

women watchWant to extend the life of a leather strap? You can consider the strap not to be too tight, so that when you put it on or take it off, it won’t be worn out due to repeated stretching of the strap.


06. When buying a watch, the size of the watch is crucial:

Luxury watch

How to tell if a watch is big or small for your wrist?
The lugs and case of the watch can never exceed the width of your wrist. No matter how big the watch is, its diameter should not exceed your wrist. Don't expect to wear a big watch to show your macho temperament, it will only make you special.


07. It looks simple and easy to understand, and it should be your priority when buying a watch;

women watchesWhen you buy a watch, you should be able to read the time clearly. You have to make sure that the pointer of the watch is long enough and that the color of the pointer contrasts sharply with the color of the dial. This allows you to easily read the time under any lighting conditions and any angle. If your watch can't even tell the time, then there is no doubt that it will soon sleep in your drawer.


08. Wear different styles of watches on different occasions;

watchesmen watch safeWatches and shoes are very similar. If you wear only one pair of shoes for any occasion, then you must have no friends. Watches are the same. Wear a suit or jeans. You have to wear different watches. You also need different types of watches when you travel outdoors or do sports.


09. Buying a watch is not an investment;women watch safeGood watches are really expensive, and you will go through a fierce ideological struggle before you spend a lot of money on a watch. But don't treat the watch as an economic investment, and expect it to appreciate in value in the future. It is an investment in yourself.
The more expensive the watch you buy, the more valuable it is to you. Are you wearing a watch just to follow the fashion? Then go buy those cheap goods. What kind of watch do you want to wear next year or the next ten years? This is what you should consider.


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