10 most expensive Luxury Safes in the world!

April 15, 2020 2 min read

10 most expensive Luxury Safes in the world!

    There is more and more super-rich in the world, and they have more and more wealth. The rich are willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to protect their luxury items, especially luxury watches, each of which is worth a lot. Therefore, luxury The business of watch safes is booming. Traditional styles and appearances of safes are no longer popular. Today's luxury safes are high-tech, smart and unique

    Let ’s take a look at the best and most expensive watch safes in this world

Top 10: Limited Edition Damascus Chronos Safe ($ 98,500)

luxury watch safe
    This is a blue or silver limited edition safe, which has a unique modern design, this safe has a very high-security system, just to protect the safety of valuables

Top 9: Doettling Fortress ($ 128,800)

luxury watch safes
    Designed and manufactured by Germany, in addition to a strong security system, there is also a watch automatic winding function, which can store eight expensive watches

Top 8: Bentley Watch Safe by Stockinger ($ 131,000)

watch safe
    This safe is mainly used to store valuable jewelry and watches and is specially designed for this purpose. It is very unique, stylish and elegant, and the safety factor is very high.

Top 7: Buben & Zorweg ’s Magnum Luxury Watch Safe ($ 144,000)

luxury safe
    This is a safe that mainly stores expensive watches. It has a unique opening method and must be opened using a special opening method. It is an innovative safe.

Top 6: Döttling ’s Pauline ($ 156,700)

luxury safe box
    The appearance is very unique, the eye-catching design, with the craftsmanship made in Germany, and the GPS locator is also installed in the safe to ensure the safety of valuables

Top 5: Brabus SV12 Safe by Stockinger ($ 169,700)

luxury safes
    The most beautiful luxury safe, this safe can store not only watches, certificates, documents, and jewelry, but also expensive wine, with a lot of storage functions

Top 4: Hublot Watch Winder Safe by Doettling ($ 206,000)

watch luxury safe
    A safe specifically for storing watches, it can store up to 42 watches, and it is a cylindrical design that can be turned 90 degrees and weighs about 180KG

Top 3: Döttling ’s GrandCircle ($ 265,600)

watch winder safes
    This is a product that is different from ordinary safes. The price is very expensive. It is designed to be round and transparent in the upper half and square at the bottom. It can also be used as a display cabinet while storing. The visual effect is very good.

Top 2: Buben & Zorweg ’s The Treasury ($ 283.000)

watch winder safe
    This is a safe that looks like a locker, with LED lights, can be used to store gems, wine, cigars, etc., even equipped with a player that can play music

Top 1: Dottling ’s Narcissus ($ 336,000)

watch winder safe
    This is the most expensive luxury safe in the list. It is very advanced and has the best security. The safe is 6 feet high and can store 30 items.

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